Zazu Myers Production Designer

Zazu was destined for a career in the film industry – she is named after the silent film actress ZaSu Pitts. Growing up in both Muskoka, Ontario and Bali, Indonesia shaped her sense of design and sparked an interest in creating sets for characters from all walks of life. Which can be seen in her work designing a luxurious dinner party in the forest (VQA “Tastes Untamed”), or the home of a young actress in the Hollywood Hills (“Paper Year”). From a South American sweatshop (World Vision “Blanket”, which was nominated for a Bessie Award for art direction), or the bedroom of an impoverished Inuit teenager living in the Arctic (“The Grizzlies”).

Zazu has brought her unique vision to several feature films and short films including Paper Year, Un Traductor, But I’d Really Have To Kill You, The Statistical Analysis of Your Failing Relationship, The Grizzlies and The Fox & The Chickadee and designed numerous music videos for artists such as Drake, Sarah Slean, Austra, Serena Ryder, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Young Empires, Great Lake Swimmers and Autoerotique. Zazu has collaborated with many talented directors such as Miles Jay, The Perlorian Brothers, Claire Edmondson, Drew Lint, Matt Lambert, Karim Huu Do, Joy Kilpatrick, Alan Yang, Natalie Rae, Max Sherman, and Scott Cudmore.