Michelle Foote-Derrick Production Designer

Michelle Foote-Derrick has a unique ability to play ‘chameleon’ on set—that is, she can immerse herself so deeply in projects that her perspective changes forms, and she express herself from the character of the subject matter itself. In the same manner that a method actor would approach a role, Michelle takes her preparation seriously, researching the world of her assignment until she has a firm grasp on its honest underpinnings and emotional backbone.

This immersive approach to Production Design has resulted in an aesthetic that is both contemporary and classic; often her work is picturesque and visually high-end. She is a sought-after collaborator for world-class projects, especially commercial work. Her commercial roster features spots for Acura, AT&T, Campbells, Colgate, E-Trade, Famous Footwear, Fisher Price, Ford, Future Shop, Lexus, New Balance, Pledge, Quaker, Samsung, Subaru and Volvo. Michelle loves to work with people passionate about their jobs, and has a hankering to someday design sets for a 1970s period piece.