Jeremy MacFarlane Production Designer

For Jeremy MacFarlane, the story always comes first. Narrative dictates the details in his body of work, which can be described as a traditional aesthetic injected with ambitious modernist qualities. With every project, Jeremy looks to amplify the story by recognizing and manipulating how the camera interprets visual information.

Jeremy’s portfolio includes television and commercial work with an impressive cast of industry players and brands. He production-designed the innovative web series TOTALLY AMP’D with director Benjamin Weinstein for Shaftesbury Films. His proudest project, by his own account, was working under Anne Ross on photographer Gregory Crewdson’s Beneath the Roses, an experience he calls “indelibly creepy and exciting.” When confronted with the age-old question of what wakes you up at night, Jeremy is the rare person who can answer that it is his job itself, among other creative pursuits, that keep him ticking.

Originally, Jeremy went to school for performance piano, but found his way into the art department because it would let him drive its trucks, which he used to transport his music equipment. While he probably will never realize his dream of working on a psychological thriller under idol Stanley Kubrick, a career of consistently inspired entertainment work will have to do. His commercial resume includes spots for Axe, Canadian Tire, Crown Rpyal, Dentyne, Famous Footwear, Fuji, Hewlett Packard, Holiday Inn, Ikea, McDonald’s, Mitsubishi, Nike, Pepsi, Pfizer, Rogers, Stella Artois, Subaru, Tetley, Toshiba, Tropicana, Verizon, Walmart and Wiser’s Whiskey.