Jean-François Campeau Production Designer

It’s rare to find a big thinker whose ability to execute matches his ambition, but in Jean-François Campeau we have a production designer who is just that. He’s a conceptual thinker, immersing deeply in creative exploration to manufacture sets that best steward the story. Where many might regard large-scale projects daunting because of complexity or stylistic ask, he relishes the challenge.

Even with his many credits in film, television and commercial work, Jean-François has an always-on creative hunger and he often finds himself with more ideas than he knows what to do with.

His film experience includes the Mary J. Blige feature BETTY AND CORETTA, THE EXPATRIATE and the 2008 film NOT ME I SWEAR !, for which he built a sober 60s-era suburbia that earned him a Jutras nomination in Best Art Direction.

Jean-François’s television work includes the 2014 mini-series ASCENSION, 40 episodes of the Spike TV program BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE, as well as the French Canadian series MENSONGES and LE NÉGOCIATEUR, which both received Best Art Direction nominations. He’s amassed an impressive roster of brand commercial clients as well, including COLGATE, VOLKSWAGEN, PEPSI, GILLETTE, DELL, MAYBELLINE, and his CRÉA Grand Prize-winning spot for SAAQ.

Jean-François holds a Masters in Philosophy, perhaps an indicator of the depth he adds to his very physical craft. Tellingly, his fantasy project is to design and build a hotel, a pursuit equally concerned with broad structure as it is with tactile comfort.