Elisa Sauvé Production Designer

Elisa is a production design professional who fancies herself a “world-builder”—an artist, truly, who relishes in creating the perfect mood to suit a project. She hails from Buenos Aires, where she studied the plastic arts, art history and the performing arts; she has continued to hone her unrelenting curiosity and imagination through stints in New York and Toronto. Naturally, she views her diverse art background as the logical predecessor to her film work, in which she showcases an ability to manufacture settings ranging from the impossible to the commonplace.

Elisa’s unique approach to production design as a ‘3-D canvas’ is readily apparent in her work.  Her resume boasts a variety of projects, ranging from long-form television and film credits to commercial advertising credits.  She recently completed MILTON’S SECRET, a feature adaptation of best seller Eckhart Tolle’s novel, directed by Barnet Bain. Prior to that she designed the genre bending feature film ZOOM, directed by Pedro Morelli, produced by Rhombus Media and starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Allison Pill. ZOOM had it’s world premiere as part of the Toronto International Film Festival before going on to tour the global film festival circuit. Elisa was recently nominated for a DGC award in the Best Production Design – Feature Film category for her work on ZOOM!

Other feature credits include the Adam Massey helmed thriller THE INTRUDERS, which was produced by Darius Films, THE BOY WHO SMELLS LIKE FISH, which made its world premiere at the Miami International Film Festival, UNLUCKY, DEATH BY SCRABBLE, INTERVIEW WITH MY NEXT GIRLFRIEND and WHEN SHE COMES BACK.

Elisa is also a very successful production designer in commercials, contributing to hundreds of spots for clients both national and international, which earned over 30 awards. Most recently, the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television with a Gemini Award Nomination recognized her for Best Production Design for the television series Everyday Exotic for which she had previously won a best Design Gold Remy from the Houston International Film Festival.

Among her factual television credits are Bake, The Main and Fresh! with Anna Olson.

Elisa’s reputation as an aesthetic master reaches beyond the film industry, as she was also tabbed to design two swanky Toronto restaurants: The Oxley, and The Queen and Beaver Public House.