Ray Dumas Cinematographer

TBS Beach

Director Yannick Saillet

Prod. Co. Iron Monkey Films

Loblaws Christmas Is About…

Director Louis-Philippe Eno

Prod. Co. Gorditos

Walmart First Winter Drive

Director James Haworth

Prod. Co. The Sweet Shop

AGF Management Phone Launch

Director Ron And Dave

Prod. Co. Heyd And Seek

Blackbird Baking Co. Break Bread

Director Edward Pond

Prod. Co. Free Society

Gold Bond Paper Doll

Director Gary Thomas

Prod. Co. Smith

19-2 The Storm Has Just Begun

Director Cosimo Zitani

Prod. Co. Bell Media

Old El Paso Chefs

Director Chris Laughter

Prod. Co. Touchpoint Films

Cineplex Brand Anthem

Director Shelley Lewis

Prod. Co. Suneeva

Walmart Tall Crush

Director Kathi Prosser

Prod. Co. Partners Film