Philip Lanyon Cinematographer

Glenlivet Together

Director The Wills

Prod. Co. Gentleman Scholar

Vancouver What Is A City?

Director Rob Turner

Boston Pizza Bribe

Director Matthew Swanson

Prod. Co. Sons and Daughters

Heritage Park Escape Today

Director Rob Turner

Prod. Co. Circle Productions

Bowen Island Getaway

Director Rob Turner Mock Interview

Director Matthew Swanson

Prod. Co. Epoch Films

Gillette First Kiss

Director Nick & Charles

Prod. Co. Gifted Youth

Elections Alberta Decide For Yourself

Director Shawn Zeytinoglu

Prod. Co. Stir Films

VH Sauces Reci-plea

Director Christopher Hutsul

Prod. Co. Soft Citizen

Olympic Dairy Anthem

Director Nicolas Fransolet

Prod. Co. Alt Inc

Caught Miniseries

Director T.J. Scott/John Vatcher

Prod. Co. CBC/Take The Shot