Philip Lanyon Cinematographer

A self-described “techie,” Philip Lanyon is a Director of Photography who is not afraid to break industry boundaries using new technologies, so long as they enhance his storytelling capacity. The art and science of photography is deeply entrenched in his identity, and it’s no wonder: he is a third-generation professional photographer, and his son is already making inroads toward being number four. The subjects he most enjoys exploring are truth, beauty and anything with cars—especially when he can mount cameras on them.

Philip’s body of work is cinematic and contemporary. Philip shot the trailer for the film THE FALL with director Dana Barnaby, which was a Top 10 finalist in CineCoup. He teamed up with director Rob Turner to shoot the pilot BOBS & LOLO.  His short film CORVUS with director Darcy Van Poelgeest premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Boston Film Festival and had its world premiere at the Montreal Film Festival.  His other short film credits include AT LUNCHTIME, CLEAN DIRT and HIRO, a short with director Matthew Swanson.  HIRO, which Philip describes as his proudest work to date, was the winner of the Best Cinematography Award at the Leo Awards and also garnered a Genie Award nomination for Best Live Action Short Drama—a fine showing for a film with no production budget.

Philip also boasts an impressive body of commercial work, which includes advertisements for Samsung, Pizza Hut, New York Fries, Best Buy, Staples, Telus, Shaw, Crayola, Honda, Bell, Toyota and Miller Genuine Draft.  He has also shot numerous music videos for Tegan and Sara, Theory of a Deadman, The Smears, Curtis Santiago, Acers of Lions and The Mustard Station.