Marc Laliberté Else Cinematographer

Marc is an extremely sought after and world-renowned commercial DP. His work as Director of Photography is slanted towards the cinematic and real. Though he tends to gravitate toward a naturalistic aesthetic, first and foremost he aligns his projects to the Director’s vision.

He recently shot all four episodes of the dark comedy series FARMED & DANGEROUS in LA with director Tim Piper. He also teamed up with longtime collaborator, director Ian Robertson, for the independent feature film UNLUCKY, starring Jim Annan and Rachel Wilson. Marc worked on the unique TV pilot featuring Deepak Chopra, ABC KITCHEN DEEPAK, in NYC with director Tim Piper and a number of TV projects including two cable features for MTV and a TV pilot for UPN.

Marc has a unique body of short film work including a successful art film collaboration with the visual artist/painter Britt Randle. Together they have shot such credits as EVE; pt1 and pt2, RUN RABBIT and DADA DUM (which premiered at the Toronto International Festival and the Worldwide Short Film Festival). Other shorts include GREETINGS FROM EARTH directed by Kim Jacobs, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and RED VELVET GIRLS with director Claudia Milando, which earned him a Canadian Golden Sheaf award for Best Photography Fiction.

Marc is also an extremely sought after and world-renowned commercial DP. He has shot commercials for many prestigious brands including ACURA, VISA, DOVE, ESPN and TIME WARNER.

Marc resides primarily in Toronto with his family, but keeps an apartment near the beach in Los Angeles where he works as a local. Spending so much time in Southern California over the years, he felt it was his duty to learn how to surf and play tennis. Now he enjoys both.