Kris Belchevski Cinematographer

For Kris Belchevski, less is more.  His approach to cinematography centers around being “raw and honest” – keeping it simple so that the magic of each scene can come to life organically.  Even still, journeying into uncharted technical areas in order to solve creative problems kindles his imagination.  Kris finds it important to maintain a close tab on the art and design worlds, equipped to style-shift when aesthetic breakthroughs capture his attention.

He recently wrapped the feature film THE WORLD WITHOUT YOU, with Director Damon Shalit.  His film JEAN OF THE JONESES by Writer/Director Stella Meghie premiered at South by Southwest and the Toronto International Film Festival, was recognized by Variety for Kris’ cinematography.  He was also the 2nd Unit DP on PUPPY LOVE with Director Michael Maxxis.  Kris’ short films SHADOW NETTES and DREDGER, with Director Phillip Barker both had their world premieres at TIFF in 2017 and 2016 respectively.  Kris was  awarded the Best Short Film Cinematography Award at the Canadian Society of Cinematographers for his work on DREDGER.  He also lensed the soon to be released feature film COLD DECK, starring Paul Sorvino.

In the commercial world, Kris has shot a number of dazzling spots for such brands as Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Samsung, Raptors, Pepsi and Guinness to name a few.