Joseph Picard Cinematographer

Joseph Picard is a Los Angeles-based cinematographer, whose approach combines an adaptable creative vision with modern technique advancements and timeless stylistic choices. He has worked on a variety of projects, including: narrative, documentary, music video and commercial works. In order to stay flexible with each project, part of his creative approach involves developing a specific photographic character, which accommodates spontaneity and formal planning. Stylistically, Joseph upholds a standard of excellence by creating simple frames, staying true to formal elegance of composition, lighting and motion.

Throughout his career, Joseph has won several awards for his work on various commercials and short films, including “Best of Show” at SIGGRAPH for BOX, generating massive internet popularity. As DP for the wildly innovative, joined motion companies Autofuss and Bot & Dolly (San Francisco), he worked on a team that developed the first vastly capable robotic motion control system that transformed the VFX industry.  As well, he has developed highly specialized uses of motion-control, projection mapping, forced perspective, full-spectrum cinematography, laser scanners, stop motion, and light streaking. Joseph has shot for brands such as Apple, AT&T, Audi, Facebook, Google, Lexus, Microsoft, Old Navy, Porsche, Samsung, Starbucks, Toyota and Uber. Joseph continues to push the boundaries of his craft, and frequently travels to advance his practice.