Jonathon Cliff Cinematographer

Häagen-Dazs Feeling of Aah

Director Billy Federighi

Prod. Co. Bensimon Byrne

Jackson Triggs Doors

Director Shelley Lewis

Prod. Co. Suneeva

Harlequin Dryer

Director Pete Henderson

Prod. Co. Someplace Nice

Chevrolet Carl

Director Nick Piper

Fallsview Casino Wrong Delivery

Director Roderick Fenske

Prod. Co. Holiday Films

Ontario Women’s Directorate It’s Never Okay

Director Bruce McDonald

Prod. Co. Revolver Films

Moosehead The Journey Begins

Director Stuart McIntyre

Prod. Co. Steam Films

Science World Pain Killer

Director Adam & Dave

Prod. Co. Holiday Films

McDonald’s Ritual

Director Michael Clowater

Prod. Co. Radke

Crystal Light Weird Wonderful You

Director Kim Nguyen

Prod. Co. Circle Productions

Consumer Protection Ontario Disco

Director David Hicks

Prod. Co. Sons & Daughters Agent (Truth)

Director Matt Bissonnette

Prod. Co. Holiday Films

Sleemans Speakeasy

Director Kasper

Prod. Co. Partners Film