Barry Parrell Cinematographer

No matter what he’s shooting, cinematographer Barry Parrell draws inspiration from his earliest fascinations with photography. He can always channel the naïve excitement of holding his first raggedy camera, positioned on the outskirts of his home town, hoping to pounce on the shutter release at just the right moment to catch lightning flashing over the night skies. Years later he gained experience with motion picture when he manned news cameras and discovered his love for documentary realism. His style would evolve to walk a creative line between controlled symmetry, an aesthetic he attributes to the idyllic civil design of his Saskatchewan hometown, and the natural spontaneity of realism.

Barry’s commercial spot experience reads like a Fortune 500 product list. He’s shot ads for Toyota, Pizza Hut, Skittles, ESPN, KFC, McDonald’s, TD Bank, Expedia, Sears, Tyson, Advil and others. His personal favorite was a pair of cinema-quality Rogers cellular (formerly Cantel) spots that ran in movie theaters and briefly fooled audiences into thinking they were watching a film.

He has served as DP on such feature films as THE MINION and ELI’S LESSON, as well as the TV movies ZEBRA LOUNGE, A WOMAN’S A HELLUVA THING, GUITARMAN, ALIENS: ARE WE ALONE? and the short film BLIND MAN’S BLUFF.

Clearly no stranger to dramatic tension, Barry in fact hails from the town Climax, Saskatchewan, which earns him some special attention at passport inspections.