Adam Madrzyk Cinematographer

Dr. Scholl’s Her Feet

Director Chris Booth

Prod. Co. Skin and Bones

Mercedes-Benz Journey North

Director Alen Palander

Prod. Co. Oliver Schrott Kommunikation

Roots Leather

Director Kat Webber

Prod. Co. Mad Ruk Entertainment

Braestone Wedding

Director Rebecca Wood

Prod. Co. Ad Hoc Content

Peace Collective Canadian Built

Prod. Co. Peace Collective

Canada Goose TIFF Trailer

Director Akash Sherman

Prod. Co. Temple Street/Boat Rocker

Royal Bank Trip To China

Director Matt Eastman

Prod. Co. Touchpoint Films

TEDxToronto Ideas

Director Ryan Bergmann

Prod. Co. Immediate Productions

Philips Eva Redpath

Director Daniela Figliomeni

Prod. Co. Convey & Co

Canon Creator Lab Spring Training

Director Paul Johnston

Prod. Co. Free Agency