Michelle Foote Production Designer

Google Live Case

Director Reynald Gresset

Prod. Co. Reset Content

Nintendo Everywhere

Director Nick Lines/AndrewProctor

Prod. Co. The Mill

Stouffer’s Mrs. Stouffer

Director Andrew Becker

Prod. Co. Radical Media

General Electric Time

Director Andreas Nilsson

Prod. Co. Biscuit Filmworks

HSBC Pink Ladies

Director Siri Bunford

Prod. Co. Knucklehead

Lexus Swarm

Director Sam Brown

Prod. Co. Sequoia Content

Aleve Santa’s Helper

Director Misko Iho

Prod. Co. Circle Productions

Charter Quadruplets

Director Geordie Stephens

Prod. Co. Tool of North America

Del Taco UnFreshing Believable

Director Richard Farmer

Prod. Co. Greendot Films

Target Summer

Director Augustus Peach

Prod. Co. Partizan