Hank Mann Production Designer

Dettol Evolution Of Clean

Director Lena Beug

Prod. Co. Filmgroup

Macy’s Celebrate Everything

Director Ellen Kuras

Prod. Co. The Corner Shop

Strategic Milk Alliance Rain Gear

Director Arni Thor Jonsson

Prod. Co. Soft Citizen

Comcast Can’t Live Without You

Director Reynald Gresset

Prod. Co. Reset

Cars.com Time Lapse

Director Jonathan Herman

Prod. Co. The Corner Shop

Wiser’s Iceberg

Director Common Good

Prod. Co. Common Good

Hershey’s Busy Dad

Director Peter Thwaites

Prod. Co. The Corner Shop

HP Small But Powerful

Director Mac Premo

Prod. Co. Supply & Demand

Pfizer Before It Became A Medicine

Director Filip Engstrom

Prod. Co. Smuggler

Downy Forever Young

Director Pam Thomas

Prod. Co. Community Films

Realtor.com Bidding War

Director Mike Maguire

Prod. Co. MJZ

Coldwell Banker We Believe

Director Carolyn Chen

Prod. Co. Assembly Films

Captain Morgan Downspout

Director Jonty Toosey

Prod. Co. Partners Film

Lexus Club

Director Nez

Prod. Co. Furlined