Scott McClellan Cinematographer

Scott specializes in the art of evocative image-making and excels at being a leader and collaborator thanks to his artistic and technical background with the craft.  His extensive experience in various formats and media as not only a shooter but as a writer, director and editor in his earlier years, have honed his abilities as a key team member who can navigate any projects of various parameters.

Scott’s feature film credits include NEVERKNOCK with Director Sheldon Wilson, KISS AND CRY with Director Sean Cisterna, SUNDOWNERS with Director Pavan Moondi, AWAY FROM EVERYWHERE, directed by Justin Simms and CAST NO SHADOW, directed by Christian Sparkes.  Scott’s experience also extends to television, documentaries and an extensive list short films including both THE OFFERING and A RIVER IN THE WOODS with director Christian Sparkes, SYNTHESIZE directed by Matthew Edison and BETWEEN TWO WALLS with Roger Maunder.

He recently wrapped the feature film ASTRONAUT, written and directed by Shelagh McLeod and starring Richard Dreyfuss, Colm Feore, Art Hindle and Karen Leblanc.

Scott’s commercial credits include Lexus, Scotiabank, Scion, Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism, W Network and Deloitte.