Kristin Fieldhouse Cinematographer

Kristin Fieldhouse was born in London, England and educated at the University of Sussex. She holds a BA and Masters in International Development, and has lived and worked extensively in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Kristin went on to train as a union camera technician with the International Cinematographer’s Guild in Canada for many years, working on numerous feature films, television series and commercials.

In 2013, Kristin completed a Masters in Cinematography from the American Film Institute. Since then she has gone on to shoot multiple features, including director / actress Amy Jo Johnson’s feature directorial debut THE SPACE BETWEEN, and Michael Seater’s upcoming feature SADIE’S LAST DAYS ON EARTH. Other credits include M.L.E., directed by Sarah Warren, and PALM SWINGS, directed by Sean Hoessli. Her award-winning films have been showcased in festivals such as Palm Springs, Cleveland, Cameraimage and London.

Kristin’s love of imagery began when she first picked up a camera aged 12 and became enthralled with 35mm film, darkrooms, weekend trips to galleries and all things visual.  She brings her unique set of experiences and life lessons to her work, imparting passion, empathy and creativity to the collaborations and stories she loves to tell and support.