Kris Belchevski Cinematographer

For Kris Belchevski, less is more. His approach to cinematography centers around being “raw and honest”—keeping it simple so that the magic of each scene can come to life organically. Even still, journeying into uncharted technical areas in order to solve creative problems kindles his imagination. Kris finds it important to maintain a close tab on the art and design worlds, equipped to style-shift when aesthetic breakthroughs capture his attention.

Kris recently traveled to Argentina to shoot the pilot presentation, BLIND SPOT, with director Stefan Morel.  He also shot the short film FRIGID with director Joe Kicak and THE DUEL with director Pascal Trottier.  His project MALODY with director Philip Barker is among Kris’s proudest works—under resource limitations, he shot this short film on a complicated rotating set, to high acclaim. MALODY premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and garnered Kris a CSC nomination for Best Dramatic Short Cinematography.

Kris also boasts a number of television credits including the TV series THE TRAVEL GUY and GOURMET ESCAPES WITH MASSIMO CAPRA.

In the commercial world, Kris has shot a number of dazzling spots for such brands as Guinness, Starbucks, The Royal Canadian Mint, Pepsi, and Louis Vuitton, a campaign starring Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def), which has garnered buzz in the advertising world.  Most recently, he traveled to Ghana to shoot a spot for Cadbury’s “Bike Factory.”