Joseph Picard Cinematographer

Joseph Picard brings unique approaches to projects by crafting distinctive styles and innovative VFX techniques. With narrative, documentary, music video and commercial works, he has developed highly specialized uses of motion-control, projection mapping, forced perspective, full-spectrum cinematography, laser scanners, stop motion, and light streaking all while staying true to the simple a elegance of composition, lighting and motion.

He was the DP at sister motion companies Autofuss and Bot & Dolly, a grand collaboration that lead to the development of a vastly capable robotic motion control system that transformed the VFX industry. While there, he shot various short films and commercials including BOX, which gained massive internet popularity and won several awards including “Best of Show” at SIGGRAPH.

Joseph is currently based in Los Angeles and travels frequently to push the boundaries of cinematography. He has shot for brands such as Apple, AT&T, Audi, Facebook, Google, Lexus, Microsoft, Old Navy, Porsche, Samsung, Starbucks and Toyota.