Brett Van Dyke Cinematographer

Molson This Is Edmonton

Director Michael Maxxis

Prod. Co. Back Road Productions/Vice Studios

Bell Amazing

Director David Wellington

Prod. Co. Steam Films

Nike I’ll Be Faster

Director Scott Pommier

Prod. Co. Cartilage

M&M Meat Shops Let’s Figure Out Dinner

Director Michael Clowater

Prod. Co. Radke

Stoli Would You Have A Drink With You?

Director Craig Brownrigg

Prod. Co. Radke

Monster Factory Artist

Director Pete Henderson

Prod. Co. Someplace Nice

BMO Insurance Superheroes (Wind)

Director Wade Sherman

Prod. Co. Cartilage

Movember Foundation Swimming

Director Michael Clowater

Prod. Co. Radke

Ready Set Play Journey

Director Matty McKane

Prod. Co. Soft Citizen