Brendan Steacy Cinematographer

Variety is a driving force for Brendan Steacy’s work, not only in the eclectic character of his portfolio, but in the emotive range he applies to each of his projects. He is intrigued by visual and emotional peaks and valleys, particularly when the story allows movement between emotional levity and darkness.

Brendans body of work includes a number of impressive film projects, with a growing quantity of accolades to match. Brendan recently completed the thriller THE INTRUDERS, starring Miranda Cosgrove, Donal Logue, and Tom Sizemore, and was directed by Adam Massey. Prior to that Brendan shot the THE LAST EXORCISM 2, with director Ed Gass-Donnelly, produced by Arcade Pictures/CBS Films and starring Ashley Bell, opened wide in North America in March 2013.  He lensed the feature THE LESSER BLESSED, with director Anita Doron and First Generation Films, which earned him a CSC nomination for Best Theatrical Feature Cinematography; the feature STILL MINE, with director Michael McGowan and the Mulmur Feed Company, distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films, and starring Academy Award nominated actor James Cromwell; and YOU BURY YOUR OWN, with director Rob Wilson and Samaritan Entertainment.  Both THE LESSER BLESSED and STILL MINE premiered last year at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Recently, Brendan received a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Achievement in Cinematography for his visual work on STILL MINE.

His feature film, SMALL TOWN MURDER SONGS starring Peter Stormare and Jill Hennessy, with director Ed Gass-Donnelly and produced by Resolute Films, premiered at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival and garnered Brendan a CSC nomination for Best Theatrical Feature Cinematography. He has also worked on a wide range of television projects and is a sought-after commercial cinematographer.

Brendans commercial and music video work is hip, contemporary and visual and has been recognized with numerous awards.